On Friday Show Your Support For Five-Year-Old Seth Lane By Wearing Yellow

By Meera Dolasia on March 25, 2015

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On Friday March 27th, five-year-old Seth Lane will undergo a bone marrowtransplant – his second one in four and a half years. To show support and raise awareness of the Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) disease the young boy suffers from, his family has one simple request. They want everyone to wear Seth’s favorite color yellow, and post pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth.

Seth’s parents plan to pin the countries the photos are posted from on a world map and paste it on the wall of his hospital room at Great North Children’s Hospital inNewcastle, England. They will also print a few fun ones and plaster them on the walls so that when the Northamptonshire resident emerges from surgery, he knows that people worldwide are thinking of him.

Seth’s mother Leanne says the idea of #WearYellowForSeth, came to her in 2010 when a friend who was battling leukemia mentioned that yellow signifies a strongimmune system. Since Seth was about to undergo his first bone marrow transplant she decided to ask family and friends to show their support by wearing the color on the day of his surgery. At that time, Seth was only seven months old and not able to appreciate the support or the significance of the color.

Coincidentally, as the young boy has grown, yellow has become his color of choice. According to Leanne, Seth has a yellow playroom and loves seeing his younger brother in yellow. He also is a big fan of the little yellow minions from the “Despicable Me” movie series. Hence, when doctors informed her that Seth would have to undergo another bone marrow transplant, she decided to ask family and friends to once again show their support by wearing yellow.

What she had never envisioned was that her request would go viral with people all over the world planning to don the color on March 27th! So be sure to join in and support this brave young boy as he undergoes yet another challenge. Just knowing that people care will go a long way in helping Seth recover.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) is a genetic condition that arises when the body is born without T cells – the most important white blood cells. Often described as the “police chiefs” of white blood cells they are responsible for identifying what illness the body is suffering from and sharing that information with other immune cells. Hence, people born without T-cells have no working immune system. Though there are numerous types of SCID, the most common and severe one is linked to the X-chromosome, which is why the disorder is largely seen in males.

Fortunately, SCID occurs very rarely and was relatively unknown until the mid 1970’s. The disorder’s worldwide fame and nickname, “bubble boy disease” can be credited to David Vetter. Born with X-linked SCID, the Texas resident spent most of his short life inside a plastic, germ-free bubble. He passed away in 1984, at the age of 13, after a bone marrow transplant attempt to enable him to live a normal life, failed.

SCID treatment has come a long way since. According to Dr. Rebecca Buckley, of Duke’s Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, the disease can now bediagnosed with a simple blood test. What’s even better is that if caught in time, it is completely curable!


Resources: fox8.com,orlandasentinel.com,scid.net,wikipedia.org,ourlittlehero.wordpress.com

Article Comprehension:

  1. What is going to happen to Seth on March 27th? What is Seth’s family asking the world to do?
  2. What does yellow signify? What in the passage tells you that Seth likes the color?
  3. What is SCID? Why is it also called the “bubble boy” disease?
Critical Thinking Challenge:

If given the chance what would you do to help Seth feel better?

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    #yellow for seth
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      artemis12225 minutes ago
      oops…. i wore yellow! today!
      • # sam the man 426 minutes ago
        i will definetly wear yellow tomorrow hang in there seth
        • the Seth lover27 minutes ago
          Omg Seth just took my heart! Your in my prayers and I hope you get better! My new favorite color is yellow! Xoxo ❤
          • mayu0327
            mayu032734 minutes ago
            OMG! Good luck with your transplant! Lincoln school sends wishes!
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              Seth you got my support I will post to Facebook and Instagram #wearyellowforseth
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                good choice Seth love yellow!!!
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                  U are a amazing little boy and u are truly a inspiration😘😘😘
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                    totally wearing yellow!!! remember everyone’s supporting you Seth!!! #wearyellowforseth!
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                      Newcastle, EnglandNorthamptonshire , EnglandTexas, USA


                      Book review: The lions of little rock

                      th-5 th-6Have you ever read a book called the lions of little rock? Well I just finished that book today and it was amazing. I really like it! There are only a couple sware words in it like crap,hell and one other. There is also a couple times where it talks about something that only somepeople should know about but other than that it seems to be okay.


                      4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS

                      A quick story

                      Emma Wells 
                      March 6,2015 
                      Mia’s waterfall 
                      Once there was a girl named Mia and a boy named Lucas. One day Mia was taking a 
                      walk through the woods when all of the sudden Lucas jumped out of nowhere and was in Mias 
                      walking path. They both fell and helped each other up. They stared into  each other’s eyes for a 
                      few seconds, then one of them finally spoke. “Who are you?” Mia wondered. 
                      “I’am Lucas” he replied. 
                      “Who are you”? lucas added. 
                      “I’m Mia”!. 
                      After that day they have ever since been in love. What the couple didn’t know was that 
                      Anne More the towns witch was watching them and she was not happy. 
                      On a warm sunny afternoon Lucas and Mia were taking a walk to pick berries. Meanwhile Anne 
                      Moore was watching them and she was disgusted with this loving attitude in the air. YUCK!!. 
                      With that Anne Moore threw a ball at lucas head with a potion inside of it.  
                      “What have you done”?. 
                      “Oh just making things right” replied Anne. 
                      All of a sudden an argument broke out between them when Lucas was turning into a dazzling 
                      waterfall in the distance. 
                      “How am I going to fix this?’ Mia was asking herself 
                      “There is only one way to to turn him back”. Anne Moore implied 
                      “What, please tell me” Mia said 
                      “Wells on the next full moon you have to go to him with his two favorite things. And when he 
                      sees you he will turn back to a normal boy again. But only for one year, then he will go back to 
                      the woods and turn back into a waterfall”. Anne answered. 
                      “Okay” Mia replied. 
                      Going off with this piece of information Mia made her way to her house. Thinking about what 
                      his two favorite things were She got an answer. 
                      “Butterflies, I know he likes butterflies. But what was the other thing” she whispered to herself 
                      making sure that no one was listening.  She thought and thought all night about it until she 
                      came up with another answer. 
                      “Me!” she exclaimed. 
                      So on the next fullmoon he went to the waterfall with a butterfly and herslef. She heard a sound 
                      and looked at the waterfall. It was gone. She turned around and was shocked to see Lucas 
                      standing there. They hugged each other  until Lucas said “How dd you do this?”. 
                      “Oh I just worked some of my magic” she joked  
                      For a full year they lived happily until it came the day for lucas to go into the woods and turn 
                      back into a waterfall. Shaking out her last words she said to lucas “I love you and I am going to 
                      miss you so much”.  
                      She got down on her knees and started to cry. As she cried the waterfall got bigger and bigger 
                      filling up with all of her tears 

                      A story that I typed in third grade and never got to finish

                      Emma Wells 
                      February 6 
                       A cute little girl that lives in the country with the perfect life… yeah I wish. Only in my dreams. 
                      The real Me: 
                      A repulsive girl in the city with the non-perfect life living with my two brothers and three 
                      sisters in the smallest apartment ever.  
                      My style: 
                      Me I am a lame-o girl with the clothes of your great great great grandmother. 
                      Where you’ll find me: 
                      The local library sleeping because I am too afraid to go home to my foster mom 
                      My sort of bed in the middle of the corner facing the wall with mold spores. 
                      okay, So maybe that isn’t exactly my life. Like I don’t have a foster mom but my real mom isn’t 
                      that great either and my apartment isn’t that small and my bedroom well, I can live with it and 
                      as far as my clothes my mother thinks that I like her style from when she was a little girl. 
                      What she doesn’t get is that my style is more hip hop.  
                      Part of my life AT SCHOOL (aka: the dungeon): 
                      I am lead singer and I play the the guitar in a band. Me and the band are pretty close we’re 
                      like brothers or sisters to each other. I have always wanted to become a professional singer 
                      but mom won’t even pitch in 20 bucks for a 500 dollar chance to become that. 
                      Three words to describe her: dream crusher, lazy (butt) and finally like a foster mom. 
                      My brothers and sisters: 
                      Okay so I have three sisters and two brothers all of them are big fat jerks but if I had to 
                      choose which one is the best I would choose Cameron. Cameron is my oldest brother (I am 
                      the youngest). He treats me like a girlfriend of his (he has had three). He does not exactly 
                      great me like one but on Valentine’s day he brings me chocolates that have little disney 
                      characters carved in them. 
                      My brothers and sisters #2: 
                      One of my sisters Alex is 17 and she is the worst out of all of them. I hate her so much but 
                      don’t tell my sister I said that. Alex has a car and she is the most popular girl out of the whole 
                      high school

                      My first post!!

                      My website is going to be all about books. This website wil contain book reviews every week or every other week, author reviews, and some other thing about authors or books. And every month or every other month I will post a story by (drum roll) ME!!!!!!. So if you don’t like books or writing stories then get out of my face and go READ.

                      NEXT POST: coming soon going to be about a book. Not sure yet. I’ll come up with it soon. 

                      P.S: I am oing to post a post every single day (if not busy) 

                      BYE BYE READERS!!!